Detox for your body, also known in shorter terms as detox, basically involves improving overall health by removing unwanted and unneeded toxins from body. Ever since man learned to fend for himself by providing nourishment and shelter, he also found ways of protecting himself and prolonging his life. Earlier civilizations from Asia and South America were documented to having medicines and rituals for healing and preserving life. The healing process for many ancients did not only involved removal of toxins from the body, but also included spiritual and mental healing.

Detoxing programs today have evolved from ancient knowledge and have become more powerful, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and technology. For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced medicinal treatments, including detoxifying programs, following their basic beliefs of the five elements of life. The five elements are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth, and serve as the heart and soul of all traditional Chinese medical practices and in detox for your body.

Metal represents the lungs. An undisrupted flow of air is needed to maintain proper body functions, and detox of body works in such a way as to maintain the fresh air being introduced into the system. Relaxation is one of the keys to detoxifying the metal element, which is why meditation is a recommended ritual.

The kidneys are represented by water. Since water is an essential element, constant hydration is needed to sustain life. When detoxifying, water helps dissolve toxic substances and flush them out of the system. Many modern detoxing programs involve water, as this element has shown great power when it comes to cleansing.

The liver, as the main organ for detoxification, is symbolized by wood, according to Chinese medicine. The liver filters the blood, produces substances that dissolve toxins, and protects the overall health of the body. Several herbs have been found to specifically target the liver and preserve its vital functions.

Fire represents the heart, which acts as the pump that allows life-giving blood to course through the body. Chinese medicine believes that the heart anchors the mind, and also controls sweating. Detoxification also requires sweating as an important function of the body. Modern methods of detox for your body also use sweating as a means of removing unwanted substances.

Finally, the earth represents the digestive system. Physical nourishment is needed by the body for fuel and maintenance of life. Toxins that are ingested are often reflected on the state of the digestive system. Several detoxing programs require certain combinations of compounds from herbs to assure the health of the digestive system.

Traditional Chinese medicine served as a key to understanding the connection between mind and spirit. Amazingly, a great number of the detoxing programs they have pioneered are still in existence today.

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